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“My priority is to make kids feel accepted and loved. Each family has particular priorities for their child … their goals become my goals.”

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Partnering with Parents in their Child’s Development

Connect Child and Family Services has been partnering with parents around the developmental needs of their children for over 30 years.

Each child is on his or her own early development journey in life. Key skills are emerging or being learned, in speech, language and literacy, in physical movement, in social interaction. Whilst each child develops at their own natural pace, sometimes there can be delays or challenges to a child’s development and growth.

We seek out and apply the best professional thinking in the support and services we provide. And we focus on the growth of every child. We provide fee-based development and therapy support under Medicare and we are a registered provider of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Connect’s Services

Connect have a team of child development professionals who can work alongside you if your child needs support in his or her development. Your doctor or a specialist children’s doctor (a ‘paediatrician’) can refer you to Connect.

If you are eligible to access NDIS funding, you can use those funds for individual sessions or a program of support for your child.

You can contact Connect directly, of course, to discuss your concerns and needs and get advice about how the medical or NDIS system, or Connect’s services work.

Connect’s Professional Team

Connect’s team is made up of a number of experienced professionals in areas such as:

  • speech therapy

  • occupational therapy

  • play therapy

  • child psychology

  • early education

Understanding the NDIS

The NDIS can provide individualised support for children with developmental delay or disability. Its focus is on early intervention to access supports with a view to attending mainstream schools, engaging in community activities, participating in life fully.

To access the NDIS, a child must:

  • be under 6 years of age with a developmental delay, and/or

  • have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent and stops them doing everyday things for themselves

  • need support now that will reduce their need for support in the future

Contact NDIS Office: 331 High Street Penrith, 02 4726 4555.

NDIS Key Workers

Health and education professionals working under the NDIS use what is called a ‘transdisciplinary model’ to create and deliver support for your child – which means a number of professionals may collaborate in their work with your child.

In such a model, a ‘key worker’ is appointed for your child. The Key Worker:

  • Helps you make a plan for support and therapy that fits your routines

  • Helps get support or therapy to be provided in childcare or school settings

  • Directly works with your child in their developmental activities

  • Helps you understand and access services and activities in the community for your child

NDIS Assessment and Referral

There are many different pathways into the NDIS. This may start with first speaking to your GP, a paediatrician, a Community Health Nurse, or your child’s teacher. For school aged children, a formal assessment may be required.

Often, a child’s developmental needs can be addressed without having to go down the NDIS road … a lighter interaction with one of Connect’s team is all that is needed.

Connect is here to help you find the right pathway for you and your child. If your child is eligible for an NDIS package, an NDIS planner will meet with you to determine the amount of funds you can access on behalf of your child and the types of support you will be able to purchase with those funds.

Contacting our team

You can contact us directly. We can provide you with information, professional support and the services your child needs.

We can visit you in your home or you can attend one of our clinics at Lawson or Katoomba.

You can stay in touch with Connect’s Children’s Development and Disability Service and events through our Facebook page.

Call us: 02 4758 9966

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