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“The complex needs of our son have been well and truly met and the work that has been done with him is awe inspiring.”

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High Standards

Our Early Childhood Education and Care centres (ECECCs) operate under the National Quality Framework, and the Commonwealth Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. We are assessed by independent experts against the standards these frameworks set.

The National Quality Standard covers our education practice, the health and safety of your child, our facilities, our staffing, our relationship with your child, our collaboration with you, and our management. The Early Years Learning Framework identifies 19 different elements that guide our practice, in five areas:

1. Your child’s sense of identity

2. Your child’s connection and contribution to the world

3. Your child’s sense of wellbeing

4. Your child’s confidence and involvement in learning, and

5. Your child’s communication.

Information about these frameworks, and other useful information about childcare, can be found at

You can view our Child Safe Annual Statement of Compliance here.

Connect Early Childhood Centres

Connect develops educational programs that take into account the interests and development stage of the individual children with us. The programs seek to balance their social and emotional, physical and cognitive and language development needs, drawing on art, music, reading, puzzles, building, sensory play, cooking, social interaction, and outdoor play. From time to time we involve children in excursions outside the centre – you’ll always know about and be asked to agree to your child’s involvement in excursions.

We meet or exceed minimum professional ratios of team members to children. We employ appropriately qualified and experienced team members, along with trainees, under the direction of the Centre Director.

Parents and our teams create an online portfolio that captures work samples, photos, and team observations of our children through a web based software “Storypark”. This offers parents and carers a window into their child’s experiences, strengths and growth and gives them opportunity to give feedback and create your own stories.

Possum, Hazelbrook

Our first ECEC Service was Possum. Possum is a 20 place long-day care centre based in Hazelbrook which caters for children aged 3-5 years. Possum was rated as exceeding the National Quality Framework in September 2016. Possum has a long history of high quality educational programs that uses a foundation of respectful relationship with families and children. They are also well respected withing the communtiy for their approach to providing an inclusive program for children of all abilities.

Enrolment information:
Centre Director, Danielle Grosse 02 4758 9977


Hazelwood, Hazelbrook

Hazelwood is Connect’s largest centre, a 52 place long-day care centre based in Hazelbrook and in operation for over 30 years. The Centre joined Connect in 2011, and was the beneficiary of a collaborative project between the Commonwealth Government and Blue Mountains Council to totally rebuild the centre in 2014.

Enrolment information:
Centre Director, Abbey Milsom 02 4758 7382


Possum’s Patch, Mt Victoria

Possum Patch is a 24 place long-day care centre that joined Connect in 2014. It has served the Mt Victoria, Hartley, Mt Wilson and Blackheath communities for over 10 years. It operates out of a home-like heritage cottage located with Mt Victoria’s local primary school.

Enrolment information:
Centre Director, Simone Chaffey 02 4787 1202.


Lapstone Pre School

Lapstone Preschool is a 36 place preschool providing education for 3-6 year olds. Our program has been operating in Lapstone for over 50 years and in 2019 joined Connect. We are situated in a beautiful, bush surrounding where children’s creativity, knowledge and self-esteem is nurtured.

Enrolment information:
Centre Director, Rhonda Kasalo 0247392606


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