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Connect provide transition to school programs from early education into kindergarten for children and families in the Lithgow, Blue Mountains, Penrith, Hawkesbury and Western Sydney areas. The bespoke programs assist children and their families to have a positive start to school by offering supported playgroups facilitated by early childhood teacher/s and held in primary schools during terms 3 and/or 4. Children not accessing other prior-to-school services have priority of attendance.

Children and their families have the opportunity to experience the school environment gradually before starting Kindergarten. They may also be introduced to community agencies that provide them with information or services to help their child / family with any issues that might act as a barrier to successful transition to school. A positive start to school is one of the critical components of a childs’ lifelong learning.

Welcome to the start of the 2024 Kindergarten transition season

 We have included some great resources to share, this includes;

A brief 10 minute presentation on Transitioning your child to school for parents that you/they may find interesting, one page parent guides translated into 11 different languages as well as the newly updated 2024/2025 Countdown to School Calendar – available below. 

We also have a link to the ABC TV resources including; ‘Playschool episode ‘Ready Set Big School.
This continues to be an exciting time for children, families and educators to undertake, so enjoy the journey….

What programs are happening in schools near you?

There are some really exciting programs happening in a lot of schools. Holistic programs that include, families, children and educators. These programs are throughout Western Sydney and Nepean areas with great support from both the school executive and school communities. This support always makes them an integral part of the school fabric and a sustainable part also. 

Our programs operate face to face on school sites (excluding Wilmot Wizards which runs next door at Wilmot Hub)

Current Transition to School Locations

Western Sydney Transition to School Program (coming soon)

Colyton Public School
Crawford Public School
Emerton Public School
Lalor Park Public School
Lidcombe Public School
Tregear Public School
Willmot Public School – Willmot Wizards
Willmot Public School – Willmot Kidzone (Kindergarten, Year K-2)
Willmot Public School – Transition to High School
Emerton Public School – Transition to High School

Lethbridge Park (0-5 years) playgroup all year round

Nepean Area Transition to School Program (coming soon)

Bligh Park Public School
Katoomba Public School
Kingswood Public School
Penrith Public School
Penrith South Public School
Portland Central School
Richmond Public School
Richmond North Public School
St Marys South Public School
St Marys North Public School
Wentworth Falls Public School
Zig Zag Public School

Contact Us

Our transition to School Manager, Jo Everingham (Western Sydney Area) and Layla Boyd (Nepean Blue Mountains) are available to respond to any queries you may have. Please use the enquiry form below.

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The Transition to School Project (Western Sydney & Nepean Area) is funded by Department of  Communities & Justice Targeted Early Intervention Program (TEI) and auspiced by Connect Children & Families.