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The role of Early Childhood Educators in a child’s optimal transition to school is vital one.
Educators are a bridge for children and their families as they transition to a new and unfamiliar setting- Primary School.
To support the continuity of learning for children, its important to provide play based supports that allow children to explore and understand the transition to kindergarten but also develop the pivotal learning skills or dispositons that ensure positive outcomes not only in school but further on as adults.

The Continuity of Learning

Continuity of learning occurs when learning builds upon prior learning, through age-appropriate experiences and pedagogy. This is strengthened when early childhood educators and school teachers understand what and how children learn in both settings.
When Kindergarten teachers know children’s strengths and interests and the learning environments they have come from, they can provide opportunities that enable them to feel comfortable and successful. Teachers can use this knowledge to provide learning opportunities and experiences that are familiar and reflective of the student’s early learning environments.

Continuity of Learning 
Conversations on Transition with Sue Dockett and Bob Perry
Understanding the Continuity of Learning
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Transition to School Statement - NSW Department of Education

When educators and teachers proactively engage in a process of shared learning and understanding about each child, the process of starting school can be a smoother one for all involved, with schools better prepared to receive each individual child.
The Transition to School Statement gives a snapshot of the learning, development and background of children moving from an early childhood education and care (ECEC) setting to kindergarten. It complements other transition activities, such as information and orientation sessions, school preparation and family engagement. The Statement covers:
• Information about the child
• Child’s voice and story sharing
• Learning and development
• Future planning opportunities.

Transition to School Statement – Educators guide

Transition to School Statement (digital)

Recommended Websites for Educators

Be you – ‘Transition Matters’  Kids Matter, now ‘Be You’, offers a wide range of transition resources for preschools, schools and families.  This link takes the educator to ‘Transition Matters’, a resource for schools and pre-schools.

Reimagine Australia An amazing website dedicated to supporting children with additional needs during TTS. This is a must use website for all stakeholders. 

Educational Transitions – CSU Find out what is happening in the Educational Transitions: Continuity and Change Research Team at Charles Sturt University.

Booklet – ‘Great ideas to try at home’ An easy to read and use handout for parents to enjoy playing with their child at home. 

Jargon Busters – For those of us who do not know what a COLA. DP or AP is we have demystified school language right here… 


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